International Accountancy Service

International Accountancy Service

If you are thinking about working abroad through an Umbrella solution or a Limited company, we can help!

In partnership with 6Cats International, we will ensure that you remain fully tax compliant wherever you are working, without paying more in tax than you need to.

Who are 6CATS?

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6CATS International is the leading global brand and supplier of compliant contractor management solutions to the world’s leading recruitment agencies.

They support contractors in more than seventy countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as further afield.

6CATS has earned an enviable reputation, among contractors & recruiters, since establishing 10 years ago, for operating compliantly & efficiently in supporting the industry across the world.

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Working in a foreign country can lead to any number of unforeseen problems, not least where compliance is concerned. Without expert help, it can be all too easy to make mistakes regarding tax, social security and immigration laws when contracting overseas.

Which is why we only provide 100% compliant solutions, no matter where you wish to operate, your country of origin or where you are tax resident. When working around the world it is vital to use a service provider with the expertise and knowledge to get you the right compliant solution. As 6CATS we have both global reach and local knowledge at our disposal; we can provide you with compliant, effective, contracting solutions wherever you are working.

Engagement Structures

All 6CATS solutions are based on local legislation in the country of operation. Before finalising a solution in any country we always carry out comprehensive research to understand local legislation, licensing requirements, available employment structures and all other country specific requirements. Our solutions are created based on legal requirements and maintaining the highest level of compliance, protecting every party in the contractual chain from compliance liabilities.

We do not operate any loopholes or grey solutions meaning we can be refreshingly transparent with our contractors and clients.

Payment Process

We recognise the importance of turning around contractor payments as quickly as possible.

We never hold on to funds for longer than needed and have one of the fastest turnarounds on payments in the industry.

  • We reconcile our bank 4 times each day ensuring international payments are allocated and paid out as soon after receipt as possible.
  • All of our international payments are made by ‘international priority payments’ ensuring currency payment are sent as swiftly as possible.
  • We cover the cost of sending the payment by ‘international priority payment’ from our bank account. Most companies send by SEPA, which is significantly cheaper but takes 2-4 days longer to reach the contractor.
  • For contractors being paid in different currencies we have relationships with some of the best FX companies offering preferential exchange rates to 6CATS contractors.
  • We run 4 UK payrolls each day ensuring our UK contractors are paid as soon as we receive funds from our agency clients.
  • All of our UK to UK transfers are sent by ‘Fasterpay’ at our cost ensuring the contractor receives funds within hours of 6CATS running the payroll.
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