Guide to Creating and Managing a Preferred Supplier List

What's in the guide

This guide is intended to provide you with details of the key items you should consider when creating and managing a preferred supplier list (‘PSL’) for umbrella and/or limited company providers. We will talk through the commercial considerations for setting up a PSL and discuss some frequently asked questions from recruiters about creating a PSL.

  • What is a ‘PSL’
  • What are the benefits
  • How many suppliers can you reasonably work with
  • How you select the suppliers you intend to short-list
  • How long will the list be in place for?
  • Considering your commercial terms
  • Managing the list
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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About preferred supplier lists

Over the last few years, the recruitment industry has seen new regulations being introduced to protect the candidates being placed and the clients engaging with recruiters for their services. This, in turn, has required recruiters to ensure the businesses they work with are aligned with their own values; they comply with the legislation in the same way and they provide the standard of service they require their candidates/clients to receive.


Due to the volume of umbrella companies and specialist accountancy providers in the market, recruiters need to carefully select business with whom they are comfortable to work with. Recruiters will receive a large volume of calls from providers selling their services which will distract them from placing candidates and earning commission. Having a PSL in place will help to close these calls quickly and efficiently.


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