Introducing Flex!

IR35 Solution for Contractors

Many contractors now find themselves confused in relation to their IR35 status. This is due to receiving conflicting information from their Hirer in comparison to their own views on their tax status. With the changes to the IR35 legislation now delayed until 2021, it’s even more important you appoint a Specialist Contractor Accountant with expert IR35 knowledge. At Brookson, we understand that this is a specialist subject, with very real risks, and we want to ensure that contractors are prepared, protected and working compliantly, no matter their situation. Therefore, we would like to introduce our new service, Flex – our IR35 solution for contractors.

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  • Flex
    Key Benefits

  • IR35 made easy
    Switch easily between Limited & Umbrella working
  • One fee for two solutions
    Same Limited service fee for both Limited and Umbrella PAYE Solution
  • Hassle free
    Minimal setup required to start utilising Flex
  • Keep LTD benefits
    Retain your dedicated accountant

+ What is Flex?

Flex is a flexible way for contractors to switch easily between Limited and Umbrella working as and when needed. This means that you can continue to work your current contract through our Umbrella Solution and switch back to Limited when you start your next PSC contract – it’s that simple! What’s more, our Flex solution is no additional cost. You can switch between and utilise both Limited Company service and our Umbrella PAYE Solution for the same cost as our Limited Service fee.

Whether you’ve received an SDS and are needing to utilise an Umbrella Solution now, or wanting to protect yourself for future SDS outcomes, Flex is the perfect solution. It’s vital that with the postponed IR35 change date, you continue to work compliantly as a contractor. Brookson has been helping contractors through legislative changes since 1995, and that won’t be changing.

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+ Why Choose Brookson One?

Unrivalled Accountancy Services - Our dedicated accountants are experts in the field of contractor accountancy, boasting 25 years’ experience and offering proactive advice, fully automated bookkeeping and complete year-end service. With newly introduced services to help contractors through the changes - We will have a solution for you!

Expert IR35 Guidance - IR35 can be incredibly complicated, and many new freelancers feel unsure of whether they’re affected by it. Brookson Legal, our in-house Legal experts, are specialists in IR35 and legislation, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands

Future Planning - As part of our All-Inclusive service, you also get access to our Financial experts, Brookson Financial. You can utilise a range of financial & tax planning services such as: Pensions, Mortgage advice and Income Protection

Online Portal - In addition to valuable financial support, you can also access Brookson Connect – an online portal which provides you with full control and visibility of your accounts. This unique platform is incredibly smart and intuitive, making it easier for you to review transactions, submit expenses and check your tax position.


 How to get Started?

Getting set up for Flex couldn't be more simple. If you're a Brookson One customer, you can do this easily via our Connect platform. If you're not a Brookson customer and are interested in getting set up with Flex, then simply fill in the form below and one of our New Business Consultants will be in touch.

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