About Us

About Us

Why Brookson? There are plenty of reasons. We’re specialists at dealing with self-employed finances, and have been doing this for over 20 years, so we know you’ll be in safe hands. However, we think the thing that sets us apart is our values.

We wouldn’t be the company we are today without a strong set of values to propel us forward. Our principles have served us well ever since we were founded in 1995, and we want to share them with you, so you’ll know what to expect when you become part of Brookson:

Our Values

We strongly believe that our core values have helped develop the pioneering and friendly approach that comes with a level of proactivity that should make you feel like we are the most helpful pair of hands your business could ask for.

Whilst we use the latest technology to enable us to be the only accountants for self–employed professionals that deliver an updated picture every day, we have some real good old fashioned principles at heart. That’s why we are available to talk 6 days a week; We want you to enjoy dealing with Brookson and feel you’re receiving a world class service.

Everything we do is geared around helping you. That doesn’t mean we’ll do the bare minimum while putting on a polite voice on the phone; it means we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you have the best possible experience with us. All our services are geared around this, making sure we provide as much value for you as we can.

When you think of an accounting firm, do you picture a bunch of men in suits sitting in a dingy office with calculators and paperwork? We hate that image, because we’re always looking for ways to better ourselves and improve our offering. That’s why we have an innovative online portal, so you can have visibility over your finances 24/7.

You obviously want your accountants to be smart; after all, we’re handling your money! But for us, intelligence is about more than that. We want to understand your specific needs to make sure we’re doing the right thing for you. That means learning about your overall goals and educating ourselves about what you’re hoping to achieve, so we can provide the best possible service for you.

Are you worried about financial jargon being spewed at you whenever you talk to us? Well, you don’t have to be. We love simplicity, and want to make dealing with your finances as easy as possible for you. That means we’re always going to try to make things clear and simple, so you can understand exactly what we’re doing with your money.

We want to stay up-to-speed on everything from the world of accounting to what’s going on with your business. That’s why we have our online portal, through which both you and we can see your finances, and it’s why we’re available six days a week to talk to you whenever you have a question.

Our Services

Are you a Contractor, Freelancer or Self-employed professional? Brookson's Specialist Accountancy Services could help you operate compliantly, save time and money!

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