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Are you a Contractor or thinking about becoming one? Then surely you know about the initial problems that you may face when starting out or when making the switch to self-employment. Being unsure of how much you’ll be making a week or monthly can be the first barrier. But with our take home salary calculator you can estimate how much you could be taking home, weekly or on a monthly basis.


Unsure how much you could be earning?


Our simple calculator will help you find out!

Using a contractor pay calculator gives you a fair estimate of how much you can expect to take home, allowing you to put aside money for tax when filing your self-assessment. It’s best to be prepared in regards to your finances to avoid any surprises that you didn’t expect later in the year. This is where a contractor calculator can come in useful, giving you ample time and financial knowledge for the year ahead, join the thousands of contractors like yourself that have benefitted from the take home pay calculator.

Take advantage of our take home salary calculator below to see what you could be making or if you’d like some help in this regard get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation with one of our specialist advisors. 

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An hourly rate of £15 or £120 per day is the minimum requirement.

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The calculations are for illustration purposes only and are based on a series of assumptions.


The calculations are based upon the following criteria:




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