The Institute of Interim Management

The Institute of Interim Management (IIM) - founded in 2001 - promotes, supports and represents professional interim managers & executives. They work across the wider ‘interim community’, including leading service providers, interim organisations and partners to deliver a wealth of resources, benefits, opportunities and support to their members, affiliates and the wider interim ecosystem.

The IIM accelerates Iterim success through

  • Providing a free link between clients and interim managers with the Interim Showcase.
  • Aggregating live published national assignments on the Assignments Board.
  • Managing the largest international network for interims and clients through a dedicated Linkedin group.
  • Supporting professional interim managers with business benefits.
  • Analysing the interim market to help predict trends and requirements with the Annual Survey.
  • Working with the Government and Lobbying on essential economic, fiscal and regulatory issues.
  • Building relationships with the best providers (Brookson being one of these) to promote high standards of conduct.
  • Giving clients confidence in the best quality outcomes through the IIM accreditation process.

How Brookson can help

As a specialist accountant for interim managers, Brookson is proud to be an affiliated partner of the Institute of Interim Managers (IIM). For over 20 years, 90,000 individuals across a number of sectors have already benefited from our expert accountancy and tax planning advice. If you are a currently an interim manager or are considering a career in interim management and would like more information about Brookson’s services, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are just starting out or established in your field, Brookson has a solution and service to suit.

For more information please feel free to contact us FREE on 0800 230 0213 where a member of the Brookson team is here to help.

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