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  • SFP Service Overview

  • Personalised service on each instruction
  • Initial engagement letters clearly explaining our instructions and the process
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Up to 75% of funds can be distributed on day 1 of appointment
  • The remaining balance to be paid once tax clearance has been received
  • Working hand in hand with you and your accountant to ensure a smooth joint approach
  • Fees start from a little as £2,000 + disbursements and VAT ( VAT will be reclaimed where possible on our fees and disbursements and paid back to the shareholders)
  • Experienced team to reduce the risk of any issues and providing peace of mind.
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SFP Group

The SFP Group provides an unrivalled mix of tailored services within the commercial finance sector. SFP provides services to business owners, lenders and accountants which include business turnaround, restructuring, sales ledger management, property services, financial solutions, business reviews and document archiving.

Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVL's)

MVL’s can be a very tax efficient process for shareholders to withdraw funds from a company upon its cessation, whether it be due to group re-structuring, end of company’s life / purpose achieved, or maybe a shareholders dispute. The company must be solvent and therefore able to pay its debts within 12 months.

What you need to know!

The first step for any business concerned about the risk of insolvency is to engage a corporate turnaround and restructuring recovery specialist, such as the SFP Group. Our expertise, based on years of experience with company insolvencies, allows firms to benefit from the solutions developed for issues that others have faced.

The breadth and mix of our services is unrivalled in the commercial finance sector. Our capability covers independent business reviews, audits, forensic accounting, asset recovery and collection. We also work with a network of funders who provide factoring, invoice discounting and other forms of asset based finance.

The SFP Group was awarded the title Best Business Recovery Specialist at the 2012 Business Moneyfacts Awards, as independent recognition of our achievements in supporting companies through a variety of turnaround and restructuring situations, including insolvency.

That a firm is insolvent is not necessarily a sign that the business it runs is unprofitable. Company insolvency can occur because the legal and financial structures have led to poor cash flow, despite the business, or at least part of it, being fundamentally sound.

Whatever the cause, recovery from company insolvency is possible through business turnaround or rescue.

Business recovery from company insolvency can take varying forms. In the some cases, a creditors’ voluntary liquidation is the most appropriate course of action, particularly if the business is no longer viable and there is no likelihood of raising the funds to pay creditors.


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