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What should a contractor consider when saving for retirement

What should a contractor consider when saving for retirement?

Saving for retirement as a contractor requires significant planning and shrewd budgeting, but it is not as challenging as many self-employed... Read more

Public sector IR35 changes – 6 months on

IR35 changes in the Public Sector – 6 months on

We are now 6 months on from the IR35 changes made in the public sector – how time flies when you’re having fun! It feels to me like we are... Read more

Public sector IR35 changes – 6 months on

Will IR35 affect the private sector?

With the recent changes to IR35 in the public sector taking hold, thoughts often turn to whether the same changes will take hold in the private... Read more

Business Development Manager looking for Limited Company

Limited Vs Umbrella – Calculate and Know the Difference

Working through your own Limited company or as an Umbrella? Which is better for you? A question many, if not all contractors go through when starting... Read more

self-employed engineering contractor person using contractor take home pay calculator

Staying on Top of Your Accounts as an Engineering Contractor

As the need for skilled and experienced engineering contractors is on the rise, you may be looking start your contracting career. But as with any... Read more

Managing Your Income as an IT Contractor

Working as an IT Contractor comes with many benefits that you can take advantage of such as flexible working, being your own boss and an increased... Read more

Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance Logo

Contractor Insurance- Do you have the Right Limits in Place?

You’d be surprised how many times we hear from contractors who assumed that they had the right levels of contractor insurance in place but were, in... Read more

Limited Company Business Owner

Naming your Limited Company

As a professional contractor or freelancer you may have built up a reputation for your work and developed strong business relationships. Your... Read more

Preparing for retirement for a business owner

As a business owner, it is imperative that you make plans for your retirement in the future. Here are the ways in which you ensure you have adequate... Read more

Tips for a great work-life balance as a contractor

One of the reasons people choose to become a contractor is to have a better work-life balance. Not being tied to regular office hours and being your... Read more

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