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Limited Company Business Owner

Naming your Limited Company

As a professional contractor or freelancer you may have built up a reputation for your work and developed strong business relationships. Your... Read more

self-employed engineering contractor person using contractor take home pay calculator

Why use a contractor take home pay calculator?

A contractor take home pay calculator will provide you with an illustration of the estimated amount you’d be able to take home from your assignment... Read more

What you can expect when you start your first contract role?

Securing your first contract role can be quite a daunting experience, with professionals moving away from the stability and routine of a full-time... Read more

Tips on finding contract roles outside of the police

Working as a police officer is a challenging and rewarding career, though people wanting a change can find it difficult to settle in a new... Read more

62% rise in number of locum doctors in hospitals in five years

The use of locum doctors in hospitals has increased by 62% over the last six years as hospitals struggle with staffing shortages and doctors... Read more

Top 10 Tips for New Start Up’s

Got an idea to start a new business? Seen a gap in the market for the next trend? There are many books, blogs, articles & websites offering... Read more

How to succeed in a niche market

Running a business within a niche market means that you are specializing in a particular product or service, which can be quite a challenge... Read more

Business Development Manager

Is the ‘gig economy’ the new self-employment?

One of the biggest changes to the way we work in recent years has been the rise of the 'gig economy'. Companies like Uber and Deliveroo have made it... Read more

Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance Logo

Tips for working temporary contracts

Regardless of your industry, starting a new job in a new office with a new team can be a daunting experience. When you’re a contractor, you may... Read more

7 great free resources for the newly self-employed

The period of becoming self-employed can be a difficult time, as you sort out the best way to transition from your current working pattern to being... Read more

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