If you want to succeed as a contractor or freelancer, you will need to make sure you’re making the most out of every piece of technology that you have at hand; this includes your smartphone. Having a pocket-sized device you can use to access the internet wherever you go is a huge advantage.

However, a smartphone is only really as good as the apps that are installed on it. Don’t worry; there are plenty on offer for contractors, and having a good number of them on your handset is a great idea to make life a lot easier for yourself.

So, which should you get? Here is our guide to the top ten smartphone apps for freelancers and contractors.

1. 1tap

One thing all self-employed professionals need to remember is to keep track of their finances, or else they run the risk of getting caught out by HMRC. Luckily, 1tap makes this easy by allowing contractors to scan their receipts and invoices as soon as they get them, allowing for a more accurate tax return at the end of each year.

2. Evernote

There are a range of note-taking apps available, but Evernote is easily one of the best. It allows you to take notes on-the-go, enabling you to stay on top of your busy workload and all those tasks that come up throughout an average day. It’s also a great creative tool, as many people have their best ideas when they’re far away from a pen and paper.

3. Focus Booster

Productivity is a major issue for most people, but when you’re self-employed, missing a deadline can have major consequences and can potentially cause you to lose business. Focus Booster helps you out using the tried-and-tested pomodoro method, splitting your time into 25-minute bursts with five-minute breaks in between. It tracks your time automatically, providing you with timesheets and graphs to help you manage your workload.

4. Freedom

Speaking of productivity, do you struggle to go ten minutes without checking Facebook, Buzzfeed or some other time-wasting site? If so, you might benefit from Freedom, which can block off certain apps and websites for you to remove the temptation. You can even plan out a schedule, enabling you to remove distractions whenever you should be at work.

5. Google Drive

It’s a simple one, but an essential. Google Drive provides you with free cloud storage space for all your important documents, as well as the ability to create spreadsheets, presentations and more. It has an inbuilt sharing function, and makes it easy to organise all your work into individual folders and sync them to your phone or computer.

6. Hootsuite

Online marketing is crucial for most contractors in order to get more work, and one of the largest aspects of this is social media posting. However, you don’t want to be spending all your time on Twitter when you should be working, so Hootsuite allows you to schedule your posting in advance across different platforms. This allows you to be active on social media without cutting into your work days.

7. Toggl

Tracking your time can be essential when you’re your own boss, as you may need to be able to record how long you spend on each task for invoicing purposes. Toggl helps you out, acting as a stopwatch that tracks how long you spend on each task. This information can be saved as a pdf report or spreadsheet for later use.

8. Oh Don’t Forget…

Email accounts are often full of thousands of unread messages, and it can be easy to forget to reply to some of them. Luckily, Oh Don’t Forget… helps you to stay on top of your tasks by sending you text message reminders for anything you want. It will help keep up with your workload and communications.

9. MindMeister

If you need to plan out a project, you can’t do much better than a simple mind map. MindMeister allows you to do this quickly and easily on your phone, so you don’t need to worry about carrying around folders full of paper whenever you need to reference your existing plans.

10. TextExpander

Finally, TextExpander enables you to program abbreviations into your phone, allowing you to type in a few keystrokes and have them turn into entire paragraphs almost instantly. This will save you plenty of time, allowing you to partially automate things you often type, and even letting you insert images with just a few keystrokes.

We hope our blog on the top ten smartphone apps for freelancers is a benefit to you. Comment below to let us know which smartphone apps you use.