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Setting up a Limited Company can sound like a lot of work from the offset, where do you start? How do I actually do it? You may be asking. But nowadays it’s a relatively simple process that doesn’t take too long to complete. While we have a comprehensive, free guide  to limited company working, we’ve put together this brief tips article if you’re on the go!

Here at Brookson we’re the experts in all things contracting! Today we bring you the top 5 tips to setting up a limited company and how we can help you along the way!

Keep The Name Simple

Your limited company name does take some time to come up with, but don’t be rushed into taking a name you’re not 100% set on, after all, you’ll be stuck with it. There are a few ways to come up with a name, but in all ways, always keep it simple. There’s a few instances of companies being set up with confusing and hard to spell names, which does have an effect on your business and your profits. If people can’t pronounce the name properly or spell it, you’ll have difficulty seeing business, especially traffic to your website.

Understand What You Need To Do

Ensure that you understand what you’re doing throughout the process of setting up a limited company. It’s vital that you research yourself the process in full to make sure nothing is missed. As missing one step could delay the setup, losing you work in the meantime.

Here at Brookson we’ve helped thousands of people who’re unsure of the limited company process and we can help you too! Our advisors will help you every step of the way!

Go Online at Companies House

To actually setup your company you need to go online at Companies House and for a very low fee, your company will be set up! Filling out a few forms and after a name check process where they ensure that nobody else is using it, it’ll ask you to appoint company directors  which will most likely be you.

To skip this entire process we can do it all for you with your Limited Company accountancy service! With setup in as little as 24 hours you can maximise your earnings from day one!

How Long Does It Take?

Fortunately, limited companies don’t take too long to set up and functional. That last thing you want is to be sitting around waiting to take on work as your company is being set up.

Companies House usually takes around a week to process all applications, around 8 to 10 days for £40. It can be registered all on the same day if you get the application in by 3pm!

Get Help From a Specialist

The best tip we can suggest to you is to get in contact with us! Here at Brookson we have thousands of hours of experience in setting up limited companies. Helping hundreds of people in similar situations to you. If you need step-by-step help setting up your limited company then get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation! We’ll ensure that we’re with you every step of the way, making the process completely effortless.

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