More Connected

More Flexible

More Control

Brookson Connect 3.0 is a unique online portal that gives you more control, flexibility and peace of mind of your finances. Connect takes bookkeeping and accounting to a whole new level. Packed with intuitive features, Connect 3.0 enables you to make decisions based on current information, not past performance.

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An evolution of our current software, Connect 3.0 gives you access to your accounts information from any device, just when you need them. Drill down into transactions, submit expenses, track invoices, check your tax position, see how much you can withdraw - and it is all updated daily.

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Manage your money


Money manager gives you a much better understanding of your cash-flow enabling total transparency of your business making your finances easier to manage. You can check your performance at a glance, see how much is in the bank or view your personal and business tax liabilities.

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Designed to suit you


The customisable dashboard allows you to control how your information is presented, meaning you can have a snapshot of the most important information quickly and efficiently so you can focus on your business. Plus it gives you a snapshot of precisely how much you can safely take from your account every day, reducing the danger of going accidentally overdrawn or not setting enough aside for the taxman.

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Easier, faster, smarter


Management of expense claims is also easier and faster with Connect 3.0, by simply uploading a photo of your receipt on the go, Connect will automatically sync it to your receipt bank meaning your accounts are always up-to-date.

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