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  • Connect 3.0 for all Limited Company customers

  • Key Benefits

  • Delivers an updated financial position of your business every 24 hours* giving you the information you need, when you need it, 24/7.
  • You can access your account from anywhere in the UK via your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  • Snap and Run lets you take photos of your business receipts while out and about, email them into us and they are then waiting for you in Connect to claim as business expenses.
  • Because we see what you see – the same screens, the same figures, updated daily – we can discuss your needs in a ‘live’ environment and deliver on-the-spot solutions, even when you are not online.
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Connect 3.0 has been developed to take bookkeeping and accounting to a whole new level. Packed with intuitive features, it enables you to make decisions based on current information, not past performance. Drill down into transactions, submit expenses, track invoices, check your tax position, see how much you can withdraw - and it is all updated on a daily basis.

We combine this pioneering technology, with friendly, specialist support and advice 6 days a week. We like to take the hassle out of the day-to-day tasks, saving you time and effort - and giving you freedom to earn.

Connect 3.0 Features

Connect Dashboard presents an online summary of your current business position, updated daily.

To take the stress out of managing your finances, Dashboard’s single-screen snapshot alerts you to payment deadlines, monies due and invoices paid. Better still, it gives you a snapshot of precisely how much you can safely take from your account every day, reducing the danger of going accidentally overdrawn or not setting enough aside for the taxman.

By proactively putting the latest facts and figures at your fingertips, Dashboard empowers you to make financially-sound decisions 24/7 based on your current figures, not yesterday’s data.

Money Manager is the most efficient way of organising your finances. Providing you with the crucial ‘one number’ you always need to know – the amount you can withdraw from your business, after accounting for liabilities like tax and bills. You can check your business’ performance at a glance, see how much is in the bank or view your personal and business tax liabilities. There is also a personal tax tracker you can activate to monitor what your estimated Personal Tax bill will be at the end of the year and how much you should have set aside to date.

The expenses feature allows you to submit and claim your expenses at the touch of a button, so your accounts are always up-to-date and your expenses are organised and easy to see at a glance. That’s not all, with the innovative ‘snap and run’ feature, you can even scan receipts with your mobile phone and log them online in just a few seconds.

So, whether you are at home or the office, on a train or in a restaurant, with Connect Expenses you can be sure of prompt and accurate filing of all your business claims.

Without an efficient invoice tracking system, you may lose track of who owes you money and you may not get paid on time.

Our Connect Invoicing application allows you to simply build your own database of customers, and then raise and dispatch professional invoices to them in seconds. You can see at a glance which invoices have been paid, when they were paid and which are overdue.

Connect IR35 gives you maximum peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your IR35 status is taken care of.

This simple but functional tool enables you to organise your assignment assessments in one place. When you have a new assignment, you can submit your contract and details of your working practices to our specialist IR35 Legal Team for review at any time. And if you ever need to prove your employment status, you have the back up of an expert legal opinion and advisers on hand.

With Connect Planner, you can plan and review your financial year armed with every piece of the data you need, all organised and displayed in one user-friendly application.

If you ever worry about missing key financial events, such as tax deadlines or end of year accounts, this intelligent calendar is the personal assistant you always wish you’d had. It spots when payments have been made and missed by reviewing your bank statements daily. It also shows you clearly what is due to happen and when – keeping you in the picture and well-prepared for any milestones that are looming on the horizon.

The Connect Knowledge Centre is like a 24/7 business advisor, packed with hundreds of pages of valuable information about running your business – tax, employment law, marketing guides, statutory obligations. There are even videos to help you address key issues and avoid common mistakes.

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