Moving from an Umbrella Company to a Limited Company

If you’re currently working through an Umbrella Company but want the benefits of running your own Limited Company, then look no further, we can help!

How much more can I earn?

If you’re working through an Umbrella Company you’ll typically take home 67% - 76% of your contract value, compared with around 81% - 86% through your own Limited Company.

The below table outlines overall income and compares take home pay as a Limited company and Umbrella company:

Overall Income Limited Take Home^ Umbrella Take Home^
£30,000 25,945 (86%) 22,964 (77%)
£40,000 34,153 (85%) 28,940 (72%)
£50,000 42,361 (85%) 34,915 (70%)
£60,000 50,569 (84%) 40,322 (67%)
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Setup is easy...

There are just 3 simple steps to setting up your own Limited Company with Brookson. Our specialist advisors are on hand six days a week† to advise you every step of the way through your self-employed journey. 



    Our specialist advisors will work with you to incorporate your company through our partner Jordans, which takes approximately 5 minutes over the phone. If you have previously incorporated your company, we can assist you in reactivating it.


    Business Bank Account

    We will assist you in opening a busienss bank account with one of our partners; HSBC, Barclays, RBS or Cashplus - which is free, opened quickly and enables us to receive electronic daily* updates of your business bank account, which enables us to advise you based on real time information.


    Preparing To Trade

    We can provide you with a range of great value business insurance policies, via our partner Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, which are tailored for your business so you do not end up paying for anything you do not need.

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What are the benefits?

  • The most tax efficient way of working - meaning you’ll keep more of your hard earned money.
  • Higher status with customers - clients often view a Limited Company in a more positive light.
  • Limited liability - you're not personally at risk of financial losses if things go wrong.
  • Protection of company name - it's automatically protected once you are incorporated.

Why choose Brookson's all-inclusive Limited company service?

Unlike some other providers that charge additional fees for certain services, Brookson are committed to providing a first class service, which is why, as standard our all-inclusive service includes:

  • Fast and easy set up with no exit fees or tie-in period.
  • Know your tax position when you need to – with daily* updates.
  • Know how much you can safely withdraw from your business, without spending the taxman’s money.
  • Realise your earning potential – now and for the future, with advice on pensions, investments and wealth planning.
  • Unlimited employment status reviews (IR35).
  • Guidance on maximising income.
  • Get support every step of the way.
  • Specialist Advisors available 6 days a week†.
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^ Assumptions: We have assumed that £5,000 of expenses can be claimed across the limited company and umbrella company options and the limited company has joined HMRC’s Flat Rate VAT Scheme at 14.5%  and takes a standard directors fee of £204 per week over 52 weeks, working 40 hours.

† Specialist Advisors available six days a week, Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturday, 9am-1pm. Excludes weekends and bank/public holidays.

* Excludes weekends and bank/public holidays.

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