What to do when you're new to contracting

New To Contracting?

You’re in safe hands with Brookson

We can help you set up everything you need and with the right advice, we'll help you get up and running in no time.

Brookson is here to give you help and guidance, leaving you to get on with the job at hand. If you’re going into contracting for the first time, we can set you up in as little as 24 hours.

Going into contracting can be liberating, lucrative and give you a whole new lifestyle. However, in order to succeed, it’s vital you look after your income and make sure you remain completely compliant when it comes to your finances.

We're here to guide you through the smaller matters of your self-employment, helping you get the most from your take-home pay and maintain peace of mind when it comes to the contracts you work on.


Even if you're new to contracting, we've got you covered!


We'll help you navigate complexities like IR35 easily


We can set up a Limited or Umbrella Company within 24 hours


We can give you advice on Financial Planning should you need it

From start to finish, Brookson can help you on your way to contracting. We have developed our own Connect Portal with the ability to give you real-time updates on your finances and allow you to add your receipts and invoices on the go. It’s time to discover a flexible, specialist accounting service that allows you to perform at your best.



With opportunities to work as a contractor in practically every industry and sector, this form of employment is a fantastic way to build experience, develop skills and move your career forward more flexibly and on your terms. As the world of contracting becomes more familiar to you, typically you will also find that a wider range of work will become available as the list of clients you work with increases.

Taking the plunge and beginning your new career as a contractor can be daunting, however. Contracting is completely different to permanent employment. As a contractor, you have the power to decide how you want to be paid. After settling into a new role, one of the first things each contractor needs to do is ensure they have the appropriate system in place to manage their finances. Whether you choose to operate via an umbrella company or as a limited company, getting this right is vitally important. Whatever system you choose and however you manage your finances as a contractor, ensuring that you comply with current tax regulations set out by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), while also making sure your net pay is as high as possible, is paramount.

Here at Brookson, we’ll help you find the best option for you and make sure that we are there to support you at every step of the way in your journey as a contractor.



We put your financial worth first, helping you determine whether it’s best to operate under an umbrella or set up a limited company. Many of our clients find setting up as a limited company is simply the best way to maximise their earning potential.

Incorporating your business and becoming a limited company will ultimately reduce your tax obligations allowing you to take home more while leaving the paperwork to us. We can set up you Limited Company for you, giving you all the benefits of a small business without the hassle. You can find out more about Limited Companies in our guide. It might seem like a confusing time, but we've been helping people like you, since 1995, and we were started by contractors, for contractors with the simple message that there must be a better way.



Once we know the best solution, be it umbrella or limited, we take you through the process from start to finish. You'll have a dedicated contact who will be able to assist you and we'll get you set up with all the systems you need to get started, including Connect our innovative online portal.

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Calculate your take home pay

I earn

An hourly rate of £15 or £120 per day is the minimum requirement.

Please contact our new business team on 0800 230 0213 or arrange a callback to discuss your options.

Limited Company

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Per month
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Umbrella Solution

Per week
Per month
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Umbrella Guide

The calculations are for illustration purposes only and are based on a series of assumptions.


The calculations are based upon the following criteria:


  • Working 40 hours per week over 52 weeks
  • There is no additional income from other sources


  • 1250L tax code
  • Includes the Brookson Umbrella Solution margin


  • Assignments are not subject to IR35
  • Director's fee of £162 per week
  • Includes the Brookson Limited Company accountancy fee
  • Claiming £265 expenses per week
  • Claiming 200 business miles per week

Not sure if you need a Limited or an Umbrella company?


Take our short quiz to help you decide.


Do you earn more than £15 per hour?

Do you plan to take on contracting for longer than three months?

Are you happy to do about 30 minutes paperwork per month?

Are you happy to submit your own invoices and expenses?

Based on your choices

Limited Company

might be right for you.

Change your choices

If you're a higher earning contractor or freelancer, setting up as a Limited Company may be your best option.

We would always recommend discussing your individual circumstances in full with a member of the team before selecting your chosen way of working.

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Based on your choices a

Umbrella Employment

might be right for you.

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With our Umbrella employment Solution, you are employed by us. We pay you directly via PAYE and take care of all the necessary tax and NI calculations and payments on your behalf.

We would always recommend discussing your individual circumstances in full with a member of the team before selecting your chosen way of working.

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From setting up a limited company and registering at Companies House to reviewing your contracts for IR35 compliance, our services tackle every facet of your venture, saving you time, stress and energy. Our accountancy team supports hundreds of contractors running a business just like you; we’re more than capable of helping your transition to self-employment.

We’ll eliminate the risk of unexpected tax penalties, as well as advising you on the changes to IR35. You can monitor your finances in real-time using Connect, our cutting-edge platform, which can link to your bank account and provide you with real-time insights on your finances and our help desk is on standby six days a week.

Accredited by the FCSA, APSCo and REC, you know you’re in safe hands with Brookson. We’ll consult with you before any course of action is established, ensuring you get exactly what you need and that you are able to handle your tax efficiently.

Our aim is to get you on board, with no exit fees or tie-in period, within 24 hours. So, if you’re a contracting first-timer, what are you waiting for?

dedicated accountant for contractors
  • Limited Company
    Accountancy Service

  • Set up in as little as 24 hours
    Maximise your earnings from day one
  • No minimum tie in period or exit fees
    Feel secure in the knowledge that there are no hidden fees or restrictions
  • Expert IR35 advice
    Peace of mind with our expert advice and support on IR35 Compliance
  • Daily tax updates~
    Get a ‘total view’ of your tax position throughout the year
  • Support 6 days a week
    Access expert advice when it suits you with our dedicated support team
  • 24/7 access via an online portal
    Save time with the ability to view your accounts at any time of the day
  • All inclusive fee
    Everything you need from an accountant bundled into one excellent service
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  • Umbrella
    Employment Solution

  • Setup in as little as 24 hours
    Maximise your earnings from day one
  • No setup costs
    A weekly solution that fits around your work and lifestyle
  • Centralised payday
    Fast and easy payment to ensure you are always paid on a Friday
  • Comprehensive insurance package
    Receive tailored contractor insurance offering you protection at no additional cost
  • Support 6 days a week
    Friendly, expert support team on hand when it suits you best
  • 24/7 access via an online portal
    Everything in one place so you can to view your accounts on the go anytime
  • Extra Benefits  
    Sign up to our umbrella plus option to get additional perks and employee benefits
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  • Flex

  • IR35 made easy
    Best of both worlds - Switch easily between Limited & Umbrella working
  • One fee for two solutions
    Same Limited service fee for both Limited and Umbrella PAYE Solution together
  • Hassle free
    Minimal setup required to start utilising Flex
  • Keep Limited benefits
    Retain your dedicated accountant + other Limited Company Service benefits
  • Support 6 days a week
    Friendly, expert support team on hand when it suits you best
  • 24/7 access via an online portal
    Everything in one place so you can to view your accounts on the go anytime
  • Combined tax planning advice  
    Benefit from one accountant giving proactive advice across both working options
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