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We have compiled a list of essential guides, articles and documents to assist recruitment agencies who place contractors.

Starting your own business and becoming a freelancer or contractor can be really confusing. Lots of people want to make the leap but don’t because they’re not sure about the financial rules and regulations. With these resources you can guide and support your contractors through starting their Limited Company and making their business a success.

So whether you are a recruiter looking for advice for yourself or for the contractor you are placing, arm yourself with knowledge from our handy – and totally free – contractor and business guides. Downloadable, so you can reference them whenever you need to, and always up-to-date with the latest legislation, they contain everything you’ll need to give the best advice possible to contractors.

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Choosing Your Working Options

This guide is ideal for anyone considering the various self-employment working options, from running a limited company, working as a sole trader or working through an umbrella company.

Setting up a Limited Company

This guide is ideal for anyone looking to set up a limited company, and who wants to quickly cut through the jargon and understand what they need to know.

Creating & Managing a PSL

This guide is intended to provide you with details of the key items you should consider when creating and managing a preferred supplier list (‘PSL’).

Working Through an Umbrella Company

This guide is ideal for anyone considering working through an umbrella company. It provides a jargon free overview of the Brookson Umbrella service, along with the key benefits.


A Guide to IR35

As a contractor your IR35 status determines your tax position with HMRC. This guide will explain what IR35 is, outlining the rules and legislation and how it will affect you.

Insurance for Contractors

This guide will help explain why you need contractor insurance; the types of cover you should consider and provide examples to help demonstrate how your cover works. 

The Benefits of Using a Specialist Accountant

This guide will demonstrate why you should use a specialist contractor and freelancer accountant whilst working via your own Limited Company.

Flat Rate VAT Scheme

This guide will explain flat rate VAT and explain how to work out the correct flat rate for your business.

(CIS) for Recruiters

This guide will provide an overview as to what the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is and how you can simplify your supply chain to make life easier for your staff.


Other Useful Information

Budget 2017 Summary

Brookson have consolidated the budget 2017 announcements to produce this guide which summarises the forthcoming tax changes and have also provided some hints and tips about how this could impact you as a contractor.

Agency Workers Regulation (AWR)

Find out everything your need to know about the Agency Workers Regulations, the legislation, its purpose and how it affects you as a contractor.

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