Contractor Club

Contractor Club is NOT a recruitment agency, but more of a facilitated network for professional service contractors, interims and consultants that operate through their own limited company. Typically these are finance and IT contractors, director level interims and marketing experts - plus many more.

The basis of their business is that members help find contracts for each other, and receive commission from the member who fulfils the contract.

  • If you keep your details up to date then contracts should come to you, but it’s also worth keeping an eye for contracts just in case your profile didn’t do you justice to the searching member.
  • Posting contracts you hear about or actively seek will earn you 4% for 90 days from the fellow contractor who fills it.
  • By referring other contractors you can earn 1% for 90 days.
  • Going direct should mean you can charge a higher fee as you don’t have to carry the recruitment agent on your back.

How Brookson One can help

As a specialist accountant for contractors, Brookson is proud to be a business partner of Contractor Club. For over 20 years, 90,000 individuals across a number of sectors have already benefited from our expert accountancy and tax planning advice.

If you are a contractor and would like more information about Brookson’s services, we would love to hear from you. Whether you are just starting out or established in your field, Brookson has a solution and service to suit.